Shopping Center / Stop Shop

The construction of the “036” Stop Shop / shopping center is planned within the premises of the former “Termoplastika” factory. Negotiations with future business partners regarding the realization of this project are ongoing, and we’re open to any kind of proposal.

Solar Power Plant

Since we’re focused on environmental protection and we’re following trends, we’re currently in the preparatory phase of the project to build a solar power plant on the roof of the former “Termoplastika” factory, with an area of 4,000 m2.

Purchase of hazardous and
medical waste

Within the working unit of Ratina, Kraljevo, the process of adapting the facility/firm for the purchase of hazardous and medical waste has been initiated. We are in the process of obtaining all the necessary permits, after which we’ll add the purchase of hazardous and medical waste to our activities.

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